Alexis Rosasco is an American visual artist best known for her whimsical illustrations, vibrant acrylic paintings, unique tattoo work, and photography.  She was born on August 15th, 1988, in North Adams, a small mill town in western Massachusetts, USA. 

Early Life 

Her father, an international pilot, and tenacious businessman, filled their home with the art and artifacts of numerous cultures. That early exposure, supplemented later in life with her own travels, had a significant influence on her creative success and qualities. When her father was absent on business she was left in the care of her mother. 

     “Alexis made it clear from her restaurant booster seat, with her crayons, that she was here to make things. She was obsessed with drawing before she knew how to walk. When she did begin to walk, her love of nature and a keen eye for detail made our walks a wonder. She opened my eyes to a world that only she could see.” Her mother fondly remembers. 


A driving force in her daughter’s development as a classically trained artist, Alexis’s summers as a child and teenager were filled with private art teachers, classes and workshops at the Clark Art Institute, Mass Moca, and nearby Williams College where she would study among many artists her senior.  Despite the support of her family at home, and numerous extracurricular opportunities, she would hit number of setbacks during her high school years. 

    Diagnosed at a young age with Dyslexia and ADHD, life in grammar school and high school were challenging at best. Her constant drawing was often considered a problem, earning Alexis nearly fourteen detentions in a single month, and grades far below average. Fortunately, a few special teachers and advocates were able to craft an independent learning program that played to her strengths.  Alexis was then allowed to translate most high school assignments into forms that were more visually centered and less traditionally academic; this intervention launched her forward. 

The young artist went from nearly failing out of high school, to earning the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement, a solo exhibition in the student gallery, and a place at Tufts University’s, prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  At the age of seventeen she left her quiet Berkshire town and moved to Boston, where she would earn a feature in the SMFA gallery, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in just three years.

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