Crisp Catering Events

Founded in 2016, Crisp Catering Events is owned and operated by Casey and Matthew England. Catering + Bar services geared toward weddings, large gatherings, and other special events. CRISP Catering strives to connect individuals with local, sustainably sourced ingredients through unique open-air and fire-focused catering experiences. They utilize their surroundings and eliminate traditional kitchen service with the belief that food is meant to also be experienced through senses outside of just taste. CRISP creates polished, earthy, and authentic catering & bar services that aim to fit into the vision they develop alongside each client. They dedicate detailed attention to every inquiry, cultivating individual menus that emphasize our season, surroundings, and outdoor cooking techniques.

ARUBA Premier Boat and Dive

The lifelong passion project of native Aruban Arthur “AJ” Tromp, and American entrepreneur Keith Waring.  The two friends met over 20 years ago while diving and deep sea fishing the waters off the One Happy Island, and have always dreamt of sharing their expertise and passion for the ocean with visitors to the island that is so special to them.

For many years the pair discussed opening a fish and dive business, an operation where the customer is the focus of the planning. With Aruba Premiere your experience is limited only to your imagination, skill levels, and desires. From joint excursions to private chartered experiences of a lifetime, we are pleased to offer you the services of Aruba Premiere Boat and Dive.

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